Love finds you when you’re not looking for it.  I’ve heard it a million times and I’m sure you have too.  It’s a cliche just like “when you least expect it, expect it”, but really and truly we weren’t looking for love.  We weren’t even open to the possibility.  We were two broken people in miserable, dysfunctional marriages who joined a group on Facebook in hopes of finding some understanding.

From the moment we met, we both felt a familiarity and a pull that was unprecedented in our lives.  We both resisted the other but it was obvious from the start that resistance was futile.  Within hours of exchanging thoughts via Facebook Messenger, I knew this man would not be someone I could easily forget.

We are both married.  Miserably, to dysfunctional people.   We each have two kids.  Our children are the reason we’ve stayed married to our spouses.  Our spouses are the reason we joined the same Facebook group.  So, in a way, we have our spouses to thank for bringing us together.  How ironic.

Because of our situations, talking on the phone is a seldom occasion so much of our relationship is written.  We joked that we were creating a transcript of our relationship.  I, being the writer, joked that it would make an interesting book.  He, being the film maker, started thinking about who he would cast to play himself in the screenplay.  It was with his encouragement that I began writing our story.  Welcome to it.